Montreal Narrative

I am a contemporary dancer & a writer. These 'letters,' are all improvised, late in the evening, after a session of dance (usually around 1:00 am) I wanted to speak to something about desire, and the wanting of someone, and I found just sitting in front of a microphone, with no notes, and nothing written down, and simply speaking, was the best way to go. I won't reveal the nature of the woman I am speaking to (who 'she,' is) and this will be continuing for a little while. I won't reveal what is fiction & what is reality in this 'project,' but I like the fact that this is me, unfiltered, without the ability to edit what I say (even if it makes someone uncomfortable, or if it offends) This is me, speaking with my true voice, to you.

This narrative is also a prelude to a full-length piece of solo choreography that will be presented in the Summer of 2013 (and will continue until it is presented) With that in mind, expect there to be more than audio recordings offered here tied in to the core narrative in the subsequent weeks (So close your eyes, and have a listen)


This series will be returning shortly, with new recordings, photography, and process (as I’ll be returning to Montreal at last shortly) Stay tuned, as it’s been awhile.